Sunday, 20 March 2011

A little stitching

I have actually managed to complete a little bit of stitching on Achoo, I had half an hour one day last week when Tabitha fell asleep in her pram. It was nice to be able to get a few stitches in. It's amazing how busy my days are now with a little one, and I thought I was busy before in my day job, haha. When Tabitha is sleeping, it would be lovely to sit down and stitch for a few hours but it is hard when there is so much else to do around the house etc..or sometimes it's nice to get in an hour of shut eye myself.
When I picked Achoo up again I hadn't actually noticed how much I had done on him whilst I was still pregnant on my maternity leave.
I am enjoying stitching this little puppy dog and he is really almost finished, only have a few more full cross stitches to put in and then the rest is half stitch which won't take up much time at all. I know that Mum and Dad will love him.
This is Achoo at the moment.
Tabitha is 8 weeks old today, and two months has just flown by really. I am loving being a Mum, it is a big job but well worth seeing her grow every day. She is always changing and the best thing she's been doing the last few weeks is smiling. Her smile melts my heart all the time.
I hope everyone is doing well and getting in much stitching time. It is so lovely to see what everyone has been working on. Hopefully I will have another update soon.

Happy Stitching x