Friday, 27 August 2010

Fairies and Cats

I had an eventful night on Wednesday night with my stitching. I managed to initial my name and wash and iron my feather fairy and initial my cats and turn them into coasters. I am really happy with how the cats turned out and I think they
look very cute sitting on our kitchen table now. I just hope people use them. :-)
Of course I had to see what they would look like with a cup of coffee on the top.

I managed to have the morning off work on Thursday as I started later in the day and it was so nice to go for a walk to the beach with Matilda when I woke up and then I started my Humphrey's corner baby sampler which I was very excited about as I've had it for two weeks already and haven't touched it! But I made it my mission on Thursday morning. It's only a small start, but at least it's something.
We have a busy weekend again so I don't think I am going to get much time for stitching, but I do feel good that I've accomplished much of what I wanted to this week.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Stitching xx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Babies and Cats

It feels like ages since I've been online, and it has been. The last two weeks have been pretty busy and I've not had much time to stitch unfortunately, but I've still been able to sneak online every now and then and catch up on everyone else's blog.
I finished stitching another cat which I finished last Sunday but haven't had time to post about it till today so now all the kitty's are done. I need to get them organised so I can put them into their coasters still, but I am so happy with the outcome. They are all so cute, I can't wait to start serving people coffee and tea on top of my new coasters.
I was so happy on Monday as my new baby sampler arrived! I was very excited when I saw the parcel when I got home from my pilates class that I ripped it open straight away. :-) I've not yet started stitching it but I can't wait. I am hoping that I find some time this weekend to start on it as I want to start it sooner than later. I have such pretty new fabric to go with it just waiting for me to start.
I am now about to sit down with a cup of tea and look through my new cross stitcher magazine that was delivered to my mailbox today. I love that my husband renews my subscription every Christmas.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, happy stitching. xx

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Scruffy cat

Thank you for all your lovely comments about me feeling better, I am still sick but am slowly getting there. This cold just wants to hang around and not leave me alone. I have been working but we have cancelled weekend plans so we can get better quicker, this just gives me more stitching time which is always good. :-)
I finished another cat, I've named him scruffy because I think he has that look about him.

I have one more cat to stitch and then I can arrange them into their coasters which I am looking forward to doing. I am happy that I've had a chance to stitch these little cats because I've been wanting to stitch them for ages. And by waiting for my baby sampler to arrive it has given me an opportunity to do so, especially since I finished feather fairy.
Ooh yes, I won the baby sampler I wanted off ebay too!! It will hopefully arrive this week so I can get started. :-)

I better go and check on my dinner, I hope everyone is doing well, and happy stitching xx

Monday, 2 August 2010

Another kitty down....two more to go!

An awful cold hit my husband and I this weekend and it made us housebound on Sunday, I had to work Saturday unfortunately and suck it up but Sunday was a day of rest. I lost my voice and we cancelled our plans and felt sorry for ourselves of course. :-) But it did allow me to get some stitching done on my cat coasters. I finished stitching another cat, and he is cheeky because he is upside down in the coffee cup, but I think he is very cute.

I am really enjoying stitching these cute characters as they are an easy stitch and I love the cartoon feel they have to them. I bidded for the baby sampler I want on ebay so hopefully I have won it and can get started on it when it arrives in the mail.

Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers for your lovely comments, they really make my day and I am delighted that my blog can bring you happiness.

Happy Stitching x