Saturday, 23 October 2010

First little humphrey completed.

I am very excited to show you my first humphrey completed and all cross stitched, half stitched and backstitched. I managed to finish him off last night and he is my favourite of all the little elephants. :-) I love how he is sleeping with his little doggie teddy, very adorable. I think the backstitch has really bought him to life, and I am loving the colours in it. I also love how the fabric is coming through in the piece.
One thing I am not loving, which I seem to forget with every anchor pattern I stitch is the backstitch isn't always easy to follow with the thick lines they like to use on their patte. But I just take my time and it seems to work out. I do like the anchor patterns so I generally just remember what they're like after I've finished all the cross stitching. :-)

What do you think of him?
And this is a photo of the bubbles I've started backstitching too with the elephant beside them.

My weekend has just started tonight as I worked today and we are having a quiet weekend with a few things to do tomorrow but I think I will be able to get in some stitching time. I am looking forward to it, and I am sure my pattern will be on it's way to being finished sooner rather than later. I hope you all have a nice weekend and get some stitching time in too.

Happy Stitching xx

P.S Thanks for your lovely comments about Matilda our dog, we think she is pretty adorable too.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Back from Wye river.

Our little family had such a lovely time away in Wye river over the weekend. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments about the weekend, I hope you all had a nice weekend too. Many of you mentioned the toad fish but thankfully we didn't come across any which was good. Carol, I hope you didn't get too much of a scare when it came up on your computer screen. :-)

And Vinniey, I'm not sure Matilda would even think about the fish making her sick, she might have a memory like a gold fish in that respect, but maybe she would I'm not sure. Because you would like to see what she looks like, I have posted a photo for you. I think she is very cute!

Here she is on our way to Wye river waiting patiently in the car.

And this is our little family, with bub in my tummy (so there are 4 of us in this pic really). :-)

We had such a nice time away together, the views were just beautiful and it was so relaxing to look outside and see the bush and the sea at the same time. At night time we could hear the waves crashing. We spent most of our time hanging out, going for walks, having bbq's and of course I got some stitching time in there too. What is a weekend away without stitching? I stitched by the log fire like I said I would and actually got quite a bit done. I've almost finished all my cross stitching now, next I will be onto the backstitch. I took a photo of where I was sitting cross stitching and the view I had when I looked out the window.

How nice is that view? I thought so. I wish I had that view every time I looked out my lounge room window at home, but sadly I don't. But I guess it's what makes going away all the more special.
I hope you all got a little bit of stitching done over the weekend, I am going to do some more now.

Happy Stitching xx

Friday, 15 October 2010

Weekend away

For some reason I always seem to post on my blog on a Friday. I guess because I never work Friday nights which is nice. :-)
My husband Adrian, Matilda and I are going away for the weekend tomorrow to a lovely beach side town called 'Wye river'. We have rented a log cabin and we plan to just relax, go for walks and spend time together. I really need this break as does he so we are very excited about it. We thought it would be a good chance to get away before bub arrives. I think Matilda is really going to enjoy herself too. :-) As long as there are no toad fish on the beach!!
I am planning on taking my cross stitch with me and since the weather is supposed to be terribly cold and wet as it is today it will be nice to light the log fire and stitch by it. A glass of wine would go perfectly with this scenario but I am pregnant so that won't be happening. :-) Some chocolate can counteract this though. :-)

It has been a busy week and I've worked the last three nights so I've not had much time for stitching unfortunately, but I will show my progress off anyway. The little elephants are so adorable, I've started on the last elephant now but i've only stitched white thread so it won't really show up.

Sometimes I wish we celebrated halloween here in Australia because I am loving all the halloween stitching people are posting about on their blogs at the moment. They are all so quirky and cute. Some of the shops stock halloween costumes and ornaments etc.. here for I guess people that do celebrate but it's not big like it is overseas. Thanks for sharing all your halloween stitching though, and of course the people who haven't stitched halloween patterns I just love reading your blogs too. I hope you also enjoy my posts. :-)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and happy stitching xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Spring is on it's way.

I was so thrilled and I appreciate all the lovely and kind comments you left about my dog Matilda, it was so nice to read them and brightened my day. It is nice to know I have such wonderful followers. :-) Matilda is doing much better now, she has fully recovered as long as she doesn't eat more poisonous fish. :-) I am more aware down at the beach now, I stop walking when she does.

I have had a good few nights of stitching on my humphrey's corner sampler and now that daylight savings has started and the sun is up longer I think I will get even more stitching time in (here's hoping). I have been excited about the beautiful weather we have had the last two days, looks like Spring really is on it's way. I am so over Winter! It's been so lovely and warm and it makes me feel like getting out into the courtyard garden for some stitching time in the sun. I am going to make the effort to do that this Spring.
Anyway, this is where I am up to now on Humphrey.
I am suprised how fast this piece is coming together, I guess the pattern is not overly huge or anything but it's still coming together really well. I can't wait to start the backstitch on it as I think it is really going to bring the little elephants to life. Tonight I plan to stitch after I log off of blogger and watch some of season three of gossip girl. I know, tragic! :-) I like girlie tv shows.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends and happy stitching x