Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates, I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of yummy chocolate eggs! I know he will be visiting my house and we will be doing an Easter egg hunt with my daughter in the morning. I really love Easter, the joy and happiness in finding a beautiful foil wrapped egg and the smile on a child's face. I also look forward to a hot Easter lunch I will be sharing with my family tomorrow at my Mother and Father's house. I also don't mind sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and enjoying a hot cross bun. My obsession at the moment is mocha hot cross buns, so delicious!

I've completed quite a lot on my cross stitch which I want to show you. Last post it was in the middle of the makings of a groom, now my groom has one half of his body from his middle up to the top of his well, top hat!


I changed his eyes from brown to green to match my husbands just like I changed my brides eyes from brown to blue and her hair from brown to blonde to match mine.
I am loving seeing them both come to life. I've just poured myself a glass of wine and will be sitting down shortly to stitch some more.
I hope you all find time to stitch this long Easter break.

Happy Stitching xx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The makings of a groom..

I have another update to share of my cross stitch. My bride is now complete, yay! So naturally I've started cross stitching the groom, so you can see his arm in the making. The good and odd thing about this pattern is there is no backstitch. I am one of those odd people who enjoy backstitching as I find it really makes a pattern pop and completes a picture, but funnily enough this pattern looks fine without the backstitch. Maybe because it's a bit rustic looking..not sure, but it won't take me as much time as a pattern normally would at least.

Another thing I wanted to share is the cake I baked for my nephews birthday we celebrated over the weekend. He had a farmyard theme for his party and since I am the cake maker in our family I was happy to bake a creation for him.

 Happy Stitching xx