Thursday, 19 September 2013


Spring is here!
But you wouldn't really know it at the moment. Today is very grey and cold outside, I have the heater on like it's Winter time. The only giveaway is the lovely flowers and blooms you see outside. Oh and the hayfever I have been getting! It likes to attack me at this time of year.
Spring always brings out happiness in people. The days are getting warmer and longer and everything outside just looks fresh, colourful and inviting. I feel like people hibernate during Winter and then come out from their houses when they see some sun.
In the evenings I have been busy stitching away on gorjuss and I have nearly finished cross stitching her, which will then bring me to backstitching. I've really enjoyed stitching this little girl and her cat, she's been such an easy stitch and I love the colours. I haven't worked on aida for quite some time too so that's also been a nice change. I am looking forward to stitching her face, I need her personality to come to life.
I've decided gorjuss is going to go into my daughter's room once finished and framed. I think she will really enjoy looking at another little girl on her wall.

I've stopped looking for a birth sampler. I've decided to wait to see the sex of the baby this time around and then choose for myself. We are expecting our second baby in December which is very exciting! And even though I am generally an organised person, I've decided to wait and see what takes my attention when the baby is here. It might take me longer to stitch his/her sampler but that's ok, no hurry.
Just a few weeks ago, I inherited my Nana's old embroidery she had been working on before she died. This is my Nana on my Dad's side. She died when I was young, only in primary school. I think I was about eight or nine. She was a beautiful lady, a very tall (apparently that's where I got my height from) slim lady who took pride in looking beautifully dressed all the time and wore bright lipstick. I have fond memories of her before she unfortunately became sick. She was very talented too. She loved to knit and do embroidery. I think knitting was her favourite though as she knitted my sisters and I lots of beautiful toys, and I remember her knitting more than doing embroidery.
Before she died she was working on embroidering a tablecloth that has a stamped image of flowers in the four corners on it. Although it isn't cross stitch as such, it is a different style that I've never done before, but Mum and Dad thought because I am the stitcher in our family (along with my sister) that they would give one to me. I said to my parents that hopefully one day I might get to finish it and use the tablecloth myself. That would be very special and dear to me.
This is the table cloth.
And what makes it so sentimental, is the needle she had sitting in the side after she had finished off her last stitches. Just like me!
Hopefully one day I can make her proud by finishing it for her and for my family to enjoy in years to come. I hope the cross stitch I do will get passed down and loved by family also one day.
Happy Stitching xo