Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday 19th of April 2010

I am sadly not on my honeymoon as yet, as the volvano eruption has caused major havoc. My husband and I were supposed to leave on Friday the 16th of April and it is now Monday the 19th and we are still stuck in Melbourne. :-( I couldn't believe the bad timing of it all and now it's just a waiting game to see this week when they will let us fly.
I just have to keep telling myself that there are worst things in life. It's just so frustrating when we have both taken all this time off from work and now we are just sitting home twiddling our thumbs. It was my first trip overseas so it was very exciting so when we found out we weren't going it was a major anti-climax.

Anyway, onto a lighter note. It's given me time to sit back and relax with Matilda and get some stitching done on my feather fairy at least. I spring cleaned the house with my very helpful Mother who spent the day with me last Thursday and did countless amounts of washing and ironing so everything in the house is done. Not much to do at all. I also did clean out our fridge so I guess I should go and stock up a bit on food until we know we are heading off. I've decided to just take an extra week off work and extend our holiday.
We also bought a new camera to take overseas with us a few days before we were to go away so that's excting. I can now take exciting new pics of my cross stitch. My last camera didn't take very good up close shots of my cross stitch.

In my hand luggage I put together a little cross stitch to take with me on the plane. I put everthing I needed in a little plastic bag so the security guy could see through it. If they discard my needle so be it, but it really is so tiny. I've put some extra needles in my luggage incase they do discard it so then I can stitch on my travels. We have lots of train travel to come.

I now might go and have a shower and sit down to do some stitching.

Happy stitching xx

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