Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I have been getting in quite a bit of stitching time while I've been home on maternity leave, I could get used to this. Haha. :-) I am sure my relaxing time won't last for long, so I better make the most of it while I can. I've also been scrapbooking a fair bit to get through my photos before bub arrives, but I have millions of photos so I know that is not going to happen. I am scrapbooking the photos I've wanted to scrapbook for ages though.
This is my recent progress on Achoo.

I think he is looking so cute, don't you?
I love his little innocent face, but the patches on his coat are gorgeous. As you can see I am working on his second leg now, so he is coming together quite nicely. I am enjoying stitching him. I've been settling myself on the couch with a cup of tea watching movies whilst I've been stitching, it's been really nice.

Our baby's nursery is finished now, I love it. On Saturday Adrian and I applied the wall sticker to the wall we bought and it is so bright and cute. We chose a tree with animals and flowers all of it, and would suit either gender. Everything is set up and I've put the baby's clothes away in the cupboards Adrian painted, so now we just have to wait for the little one to arrive. :-) Only 7 days to go now till I am officially due.
Thank you for all your lovely comments about the baby and well wishes. Oh and not forgetting to mention my baking skills. :-)

I hope you are all getting in some stitching time. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's progress, keep up the great work and happy stitching xx


  1. That is a cute design
    Best Wishes!!!

  2. Really, really cute!!
    Great work :D

  3. Great progress! He looks gorgeous!
    Such a sweet face.

    7 days to go, how exciting!
    Take care. :)

    Happy stitching

  4. Achoo really is gorgeous. Lovely progress. Glad you are finding time to stitch and rest before the baby is due.

  5. Enjoy your rest and good luck for when your time comes, it's a great time for both of you, when two become three.

  6. Oh, I'm getting so excited for you Belinda! Your new little one could arrive any time now!

    Lovely progress on Achoo :)

  7. Awww Belinda Achoo is just darling!
    It;s so exciting now can;t wait to see which baby is going to arrive first yours or Annettes (WizzyWear).
    Keep resting and take care. Hugs!

  8. Beautiful progress, adorable pup :)

  9. Lovable. It looks really appealing. Keep your feet up and enjoy the peace!!