Friday, 21 October 2011

Thank you postman.

This morning the postman arrived with my parcel! What a lovely suprise on a Friday morning. Here are the cross stitch kits I ordered.

I took a close up photo of the waxing moon kit as I am so excited about it!! Look at the pretty fabric and threads! The fabric is crystal mystic cashel linen (28 count) I love the names of the threads too, pixie dust, snips and snails, crushed pineapple and hydranger. I love how the thread colours melt into one another, it's so pretty. And I love the little moon button. I've never worked on such dark fabric before, but I am up for the challenge. I am itching to get started on these beautiful kits. Tomorrow I might make a trip to my local needlework shop to buy some 32 count evenweave for the birth sampler so I can make a start. And Adrian's suprise will have to be stitched when he's at work. Shh, don't tell. I might even start this today. :-) How exciting!

Happy Stitching xx


  1. Great new stash. I look forward to seeing your progress. Gorgeous thread names.

  2. Ooooh, what a nice package! Looking forward to seeing your start on it. :)

  3. Oh those threads are so beautiful!
    Love the fabby too.

    Can't wait to see them stitched :)

  4. I worked on some black fabric once and I think the trick is to have plenty of light and also to have something lighter than the fabric showing underneath. Not sure what your stitching setup is like, but I stitch with a hoop in hand so I always had something light colored in my lap when working on dark fabric. That way it's a lot easier to see where to put the needle. Hope that helps!

  5. wonderful when the postman call's :)) how lovely, love the names of the threads. I'm working on blue at the moment and its not easy working on a dark background, but useing plenty of good light helps. look forward to seeing your finished result.