Sunday, 28 July 2013

Craft fair

What a fun day it was at the craft show yesterday! I went along with my friend Gayle who is an avid stitcher and her friend Fiona who also likes scrapbooking like me. Gayle drove in, and we arrived at the fair about 10:40am, it was pretty packed when we got there, but we bustled our way though the crowds. We went to all the stitching stalls, the first one we came across was stitch about which is wonderful every year. I always remember the same lady who is there every year, she is so helpful and doesn't miss a beat. What a great sales lady she is. I was initially looking for a baby sampler but unfortunately I didn't really come across one I loved. I did "like one" but I was unsure whether to make the purchase because it wasn't a baby sampler itself, it was more of a babies alphabet sampler, which didn't have much room for the stitching of babies name, birth details etc...I did think about getting it (drove the girls a bit crazy with me being indecisive, haha) but then I decided against it in the end, for two reasons. One was it didn't jump out at me, and secondly I did LOVE a baby girls sampler that I saw, but of course the stitching will have to wait until the sex of the baby is revealed. :-)
Other than looking for a baby sampler I just kept my eye out for any kits or charts that I liked. And I did find one by bothy threads from the 'Gorjuss' range. I've always loved the character drawings of the gorjuss range and my favourite especially was the little girl on the swing with a cat on her lap. And luckily I came across it and bought it straight away. I think it's the vibrant colours on the backdrop of blue aida that I like. I couldn't help myself last night, since I had finished my wedding sampler, my hands were itching to start something new and this came just in good time. So I sat down to watch a movie last night and started my new kit. I am loving the simplicity of stitching on aida again, it's been years since I've stitched on aida. It is so easy and I find I don't have to be as mindful with my counting. I will probably make a mistake now that I've said that! I probably stayed up too late stitching the night away, but I was enjoying myself. This is what I've done so far.. 

After we looked up and down a few aisles we stopped for a coffee break and a chat. We then looked around some more and found a few more stitchy stalls, and I had a look in a few of the scrapbooking stalls also where I purchased some great alphabet stickers on sale and a pretty pack of flowers. We then stopped for lunch and kept going after that. At the end of the day after we looked through the quilt show, we sat down again and Gayle after making a list of kits/charts she wanted along the way, worked out what she did and didn't want. Or more like, what she could and couldn't afford in her budget. :-) We went back to the stalls Gayle wanted to makes purchases from and then we headed off home again. I think we spent about 6 hours there all up.
It was such a fun day, and even though the show was a bit chaotic it was also very relaxing to have the day to ourselves, chatting about our hobbies and spending time with each other which is something we don't do too often. I will keep looking for a baby sampler, but in the mean time I have a cute little girl to stitch for my daughters room.

Happy Stitching xx


  1. Sounds like a delightful day, Belinda! I'm sure the perfect birth sampler will appear eventually... I do love the little Gorjuss girl on the swing--very cute!

  2. Ah I completely forgot the craft show was coming up, oh well hopefully there will be another sometime. Sounds like you had a good craft fix. :)

  3. It was an awesome day hun, and I was so glad to spend it with you! We were only winding you up that it was frustrating us about your indecisiveness - I know how hard it is to choose a design you like and I was happy to try and help. So looking forward to next year! This year was the longest time I had spent there and it was great :D Love your Gorjuss design - can't wait to see how she is coming along ;) xxxx

  4. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Sounds like you had a great day and your new start is so sweet!
    Happy stitching (:

  5. Sounds like you had a great time and found some good treasures. It's hard not to over-buy when you go to those craft fairs (well at least for me it is!).