Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all!

I know I am a bit late with my new year greetings but my time has been limited just of late so I haven't had time to blog or comment on blogs. I have been able to read some entries here and there but not many.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year. We certainly did, having Violet celebrate her first Christmas with us and our families was so wonderful and exciting. Both the girls were very spoilt. Santa did deliver. :-)
I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post about the birth of our beautiful Violet, sorry I've not had time to reply to you. Your comments did make me smile. Violet is 6 weeks old now, she's smiling and growing, very healthy. Tabitha is loving being a big sister! It is very busy in our household at the moment so I've not had any time to do stitching but I have been buying some! Haha. :-) Actually that's a lie, I did finish off Humphrey's corner but I had only a small amount to finish. Hopefully when things settle down and we establish more of a routine, I will be able to sit down and start stitching the recent kit I bought.

I did finish off my humphrey's corner kit that I was working on prior to having Violet. I found some time one afternoon when the girls were napping at the same time. I only had a little bit of backstitch to do and some french knots. Here it is here.

I really love how this one turned out. It is so sweet and whimsical, I love how the backstitch has bought out the picture and it's a bit messy but at the same time it defines the two elephants so well. I mentioned that I will attempt an ornament out of this one which will be my first one. I am still planning on doing that when I have more time and can dust off my sewing machine.

When I started looking for baby samplers, I fell in love with a kit called 'baby hugs' by design works many many months ago. And when I fell pregnant I knew immediately that if I were to have a girl this is the kit I would stitch without a doubt. So, I obviously had a baby girl and this kit was purchased just this past week. It isn't actually a birth sampler as you can tell, but there is so much room to stitch Violet's birth details in that it will be fine.

When I was at the last craft show I went to the sew it all stand and looked through their beautiful dyed fabrics and took notes of the colours I liked if I were to have a baby girl or boy. And then I could match it with my chosen birth sampler. I noted that if I were to have a girl I would buy a beautiful dyed 28 count evenweave called 'frangipani' and I did just that last week too to go with my baby hugs. It is so beautiful! A gorgeous tone of baby pinks and hints of yellow. I think it is going to work so well together. I tried to take a photo so you could see the colours, but it probably doesn't do it any justice. Here are the thread colours the kit is made up of. All very delicious! I am very happy with my choice.

I can't wait to get started on this sampler for Violet, I am not sure when that will be, but I look forward to it all the same.

That is all I have to report at the moment. I hope all my readers are well and happy and that you are all safe in your part of the world. And keeping cool or warm! We are having very hot weather here in Melbourne at the moment so we have been indoors alot with the air conditioning on. It has been around the high 30's and low 40's which is just WAY too hot do even do anything. You can't even breathe when you go outside. Isn't it funny when it's Winter and cold people (well I know I do) dream of nice hot summer weather and then when it's here we complain at times! It doesn't make sense really. I only complain on really hot days though, otherwise I do love the sun on my face and enjoying the long evenings, beach days, icecreams and summer bbq's. 

Until next time,
happy stitching xx  


  1. Cute Humphrey's Corner finish!! I love these sweet designs :)

  2. Hello

    This is my first visit to your lovely blog.
    Congratulations on the birth of Violet, your new project looks great.
    I love your Humphrey's Corner finish I've just finished my first one and loved it.

  3. So nice to read your update, Belinda, and know that both of your girls are happy and healthy. I'm glad Tabitha has adjusted to little Violet so well :) That isn't always the case! My mother told me that I was so jealous of my baby brother when he was born that I tipped him right out of his baby carriage!! Luckily he is fine :)

    Your finish is so cute and I love the fabric you've chosen for your new sampler--it is just perfect! I look forward to watching it develop. I remember only having nap time to stitch when my sons were young, so I hope you also get that luxury!! Take care now and send us some of your heat--it's been the coldest January in years!!

  4. A gorgeous finish. Look forward to seeing your new start. It is a beautiful chart and the fabric is gorgeous too.

  5. Adorable finish! Good for you for making time to stitch while your little ones nap! The new sampler is going to be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your progress on it.

  6. Humphrey's Corner is just gorgeous - well done on getting it finished especially with a new baby in the house!!!
    What a lovely design Baby Hugs is.... Can't wait to see you stitch this one :)
    Stay cool!!

  7. Congrats on the arrival of baby Violet! She's almost 2 months old now, right?
    The Frangipani fabric is lovely & I am certain it will be lovely to stitch on. And well done on finishing Humphrey. :D

  8. it looks really great. fantastic work