Thursday, 25 September 2014

S is for Spring! And September!

I can't believe it's been four months since I last posted. Well I take that back, I can believe it really because time flies, this year has flown. We are now in the first month of Spring and we have had some really lovely shiny warm days, but also some cold ones! The flowers are out and look beautiful. The girls and I have had lovely afternoons at the park sitting on a picnic blanket enjoying the sun.
It's definetly been a busy year with my two girls, Tabitha is a very busy 3 year old learning new things all the time, Violet is 9 months old now, crawling around while I watch her like a hawk. She is such a busy little girl exploring her surroundings and new tastes and textures.
I've been stitching which has been really nice and relaxing for me. I've made progress on Violet's baby sampler, it's actually quite big but it's getting there and I have been enjoying it.

As you can see I've moved upwards on the pattern and am now onto stitching the Mother's hair. This is the piece rolled out from the bottom to show what I've stitched so far.

I hope to have this finished before Violet's first birthday! I plan on taking it away on a mini holiday we have coming up in November. I do love this piece and can't wait to have it finished. I've been keeping up with my blog reading every now and then and I hope all my readers are keeping well. Until next time,
Happy Stitching x


  1. oooooooooo so lovely..
    happy spring x

  2. Happy Spring to you, Belinda! I wish we were heading into spring and summer rather than fall and winter :)

    Lovely progress on the birth sampler--best of luck with finishing it before Violet's birthday. I can hardly believe she is now nine months old! Such a sweet age...

    Enjoy your spring and I hope you have a wonderful holiday in November!

  3. That's looking fabulous hun! So glad you are still able to fit your stitching in... Can't wait to see it progress - good luck getting it done in time too ;-)

  4. I know it's going to look super cute and adorable! Look at the colours! :D