Friday, 27 August 2010

Fairies and Cats

I had an eventful night on Wednesday night with my stitching. I managed to initial my name and wash and iron my feather fairy and initial my cats and turn them into coasters. I am really happy with how the cats turned out and I think they
look very cute sitting on our kitchen table now. I just hope people use them. :-)
Of course I had to see what they would look like with a cup of coffee on the top.

I managed to have the morning off work on Thursday as I started later in the day and it was so nice to go for a walk to the beach with Matilda when I woke up and then I started my Humphrey's corner baby sampler which I was very excited about as I've had it for two weeks already and haven't touched it! But I made it my mission on Thursday morning. It's only a small start, but at least it's something.
We have a busy weekend again so I don't think I am going to get much time for stitching, but I do feel good that I've accomplished much of what I wanted to this week.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Stitching xx


  1. Your fairie is beautiful and your coaster came out great. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your coasters look fantastic finished and in their coasters. Nice work.

  3. They look lovely, good luck with your Humprey's corner stitching.

  4. The coasters came out great! Good job. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. The coasters came out really well. Sooo cute.

    Can't wait to see your baby sampler as it progresses.

  6. The coasters look wonderful Belinda. Have a great week-end.

  7. The coaster look fabulous! :D Can't wait to have my cuppa on one next time I visit ;)

    You must be so excited to have finally started your birth sampler - I know you were hanging out for that. I'll look forward to seeing it up close when I next see you. The photo doesn't show up the material properly. Looks like you had a good go at being artisitc with your photo's though. Well done hun!

  8. Your coasters are gorgeous, very cute. Love your finished fairy. Have fun stitching humphrey's corner, it will look lovely in the baby's nursery.

  9. The coasters are adorable! That utensil (not domestically inclined, so I have no idea what it is) is very pretty!
    Have fun stitching Humphrey's Corner.

  10. Thanks for all your comments girls! :-) I am really happy with how the coasters came out.

    Gayle, I know the photo doesn't show the material properly. It is so much better in real life. You will have to come over and have a cuppa soon.

    Blu, the utensil is a cake slicer. :-) I know, it is very pretty.

  11. Your coasters are so cute!! Great job! :D
    And that cake knife is lovely :)

    Maybe you would like to join Margaret Sherry's fan blog :) I leave you the link here