Sunday, 8 August 2010

Scruffy cat

Thank you for all your lovely comments about me feeling better, I am still sick but am slowly getting there. This cold just wants to hang around and not leave me alone. I have been working but we have cancelled weekend plans so we can get better quicker, this just gives me more stitching time which is always good. :-)
I finished another cat, I've named him scruffy because I think he has that look about him.

I have one more cat to stitch and then I can arrange them into their coasters which I am looking forward to doing. I am happy that I've had a chance to stitch these little cats because I've been wanting to stitch them for ages. And by waiting for my baby sampler to arrive it has given me an opportunity to do so, especially since I finished feather fairy.
Ooh yes, I won the baby sampler I wanted off ebay too!! It will hopefully arrive this week so I can get started. :-)

I better go and check on my dinner, I hope everyone is doing well, and happy stitching xx


  1. Sorry your cold seems to be lingering, I hope it goes away soon.
    Another cute kittie and glad to hear your baby design arrived.

  2. All the kitties are so cute.

  3. Yet another great finish. Congrats to to you. Shame about he cold ...still it can't last for ever.

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend, hun :) The cats are looking fab and I can't wait to see them in the coasters. You really seem to be making speedy progress on them.

    YAY for the baby sampler! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it arrives this week, before the stitchy meet ;)

  5. Hope you are continuing to improve and will be 100% soon.

    Love the cat! He's so cute.

  6. Thanks ladies, I think the cats are turning out pretty cute too. :-)

    And Gayle, I am crossing my fingers my sampler arrives before the weekend too!!

  7. Hon, if you will send me your address to I will send you the pattern for the scissor pocket. And yes, it comes with finishing instructions. I will warn you though, the pattern is in a packing box somewhere and won't be found until mid September. Can you wait that long LOL?