Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another update

This past week has been really busy at work which includes me working quite a few nights so I haven't found much time to stitch except for last night which was really nice. I am loving the way the sampler is looking so far, I love pastel colours so that's why I think I am in love with this design and my fabric choice. Here is where I am up to now.
My two friends Gayle and Bek came over last Monday and we had a nice stitchy afternoon/night together. We had chinese takeaway for dinner and chatted and caught up on each other. I hadn't seen Bek since she got married in April so it was great to see her. I thought I was making good progress on my sampler until I realised I had gone wrong somewhere and it took me a good part of the night to find out where I had gone wrong. I just couldn't work it out, and I ended up finding the mistake late at night. So most of my work was pulled out which was a shame, I was back to square one again. Other than that it was a good night and it was good company.

I also picked up my feather fairy from the framers and I love how she turned out, she is beautiful. I am happy that I didn't go with any matting, the frame looks lovely on it's own. Here she is here. She will look much better when the wall behind her is painted nice, I can't wait to get rid of the wallpaper.
I am hoping to get more stitching done this week, I hope you all find some stitching time too.
Happy Stitching x


  1. Belinda I;m so sorry those darn frogs jumped all over your darling little Humphrey. Hope they;ve left for good now.
    Your framed fairy is stunning!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely stitchy time with your friends. Sorry the frogs paid a visit. Your humphrey is progressing well despite them. Your framed fairy is gorgeous.

  3. I had a lovely evening catching up with you and Bek too - I love our stitching time together :D Considering you had to frog a fair bit of Humphrey, he's looking good, especially with your limited time this week to get any stitching done. He's looking fabulous - I'm really enjoying seeing him grow. And there's only one word for Feather Fairy - WOW!!!! She looks stunning framed and up on the wall :D

  4. Oh poor you, I hate it when the frogs visit. Humphrey is looking cute.

    Feather Fairy looks gorgeous framed. I think she looks great without the matting too - she is stunning enough on her own.

  5. Humphrey is looking good:) Sorry you had a visit from the frogs though.

    Your Feather Fairy is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Darn frogs!! I hope you got rid of them for good. I can't wait till you get to Humprey's face. Your Feather Fairy looks stunning!!

  7. Your fairy is so beautiful. I am visiting your blog for the first time and I like it very much.

  8. I love the Mirabella fairies, and you did such a nice job!