Sunday, 7 November 2010

Humphrey and Achoo

I am so excited to say I finished Humphrey's corner! I sat up late last night watching bewitched and trying to finish off the writing on the sampler which mind you needed much concentration, which probably wasn't the most smartest thing to start at night time. But I did manage to finish stitching half of it and finished off the rest of the writing in the morning. I'd never cross stitched writing on evenweave before, it's always been on aida when I've had to stitch some writing, so it was my first time and it was a little more difficult than aida, but I got there eventually.
I just adore this piece, most likely because it is for our baby but I really love the colours in both the fabric and the piece and I just think it is so cute! I will show you each elephant on it's own and then the full pattern.
This little one is so cute, I love his little jumpsuit. He's my favourite after the sleeping Humphrey.

This one is too cute looking at his little duck.

The last cutie.

And the full pattern on it's own. I started cross stitching this pattern on Thursday August the 26th and finished it today, 7th of November. I didn't get much stitching time as I would have liked the past few months so I would have finished it sooner if I had the chance to stitch more. But I am happy with 2 and a bit months. :-)

There is nothing like starting a new pattern. :-) I just love it. The new threads and fabric, it's all so exciting. After I finished Humphrey I started kitting up a dimensions kit called 'Achoo' which I've had in my stash cupboard for years. This is him here.

I sorted out the colours onto the colour chart and changed my aida over to evenweave and started a little bit of stitching. But I'm not sure I love the evenweave, it feels and looks different to what I'm used to and it's been sitting in my stash cupboard for awhile so I forget where I even bought it. I think it was at the craft show one year but I wouldn't know what brand it is. I am thinking I might go to my local LNS tomorrow and buy some new fabric. I've always liked stitching on Jobelan. I need some new needles too so it's a good excuse to go to my stitchy shop. I can have a browse too. :-)
I think Achoo is so sweet, I've decided to stitch him for my parents. One day I would like to stitch him for myself too but I want to stitch something nice for them as they always do so much for me and my husband. I would like to stitch them a suprise to hang up in their house. I am planning on having it matted and framed when I have my baby sampler framed too, so after bub is born of course. :-) Going by the size of Achoo he won't take me that long at all.

It's been nice getting in some stitching this weekend, we are in the middle of house renovations getting ready for our new arrival on the way but i've still managed to get my cross stitch out. I hope you've all had some stitching time too. I've enjoyed reading up on all my blogs too.

Until next time, happy stitching xx


  1. Congratulations on finishing Humphrey. It is sooo cute I love all the little elephants. Good luck with your new start it looks lovely.

  2. Great finish on Humphrey, gorgeous work!

  3. Humphrey looks gorgeous, well done
    Love the Achoo design - look forward to seeing that one finished too

  4. Humphrey is adorable! Will you share where you got the chart? I'd love to do that one for a friend who is expecting.

  5. All the Humphrey designs are just gorgeous! Your new project is going to be super cute too.

  6. Congratulations on your Humphrey finish--it is just darling :)

  7. Oh congrats!!! Humphrey is absolutely adorable!

  8. Humphrey looks gorgeous hun! I can't wait to see him close up on Sunday :D And it'll be nice to see Achoo too - I remember you buying him :) It's such a loevly idea to stitch him for your Mum and Dad - I'm sure they'll love him!

  9. Humphrey is so cute! Congratulations on finishing him. Love the design you've planned to stitch next. It's adorable.

  10. What a cute finish! I love it!

    Love what you're stitching next :)

  11. Humphrey looks great! Well done on a fab finish. x

  12. Humphrey is adorable! Beautifully done.
    I love that series...

  13. That is so sweet!!!

    I like the bubbles!

    Can't wait to see your start on Achoo!

  14. Oh my! The most adorable finish!!! Love it :D
    And I also love your current wip, it's on my 'to-do' list ;)