Saturday, 29 December 2012

Stitching and movies

I spent last night stitching away and watching two movies. One was 'Ruby Sparks' which I loved. It was about an author who dreams up his dream girl and writes about her and she comes to life. It was a really fun story with a quirky ending. I couldn't put my needle down after that movie so I watched a three part mini series called ' Mildred Pierce' which I also loved. It is based in the 1930's which is an era I am fascinated by. Two wonderful actors too, Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. I recommend both highly.
This is how far I got in my stitching.

I am loving her crazy wavy hair which reminds me of my own hair. I've always dreamed of having beautiful thick locks, but unfortunately I was not born that way, mine is more wavy, thin and flyaway. You always want what you can't have though. Although I did have better hair as a teenager, it was long about waist length and was more of it. It changed when my hormones did! I am also loving the blonde colour I chose in my stitching to suit my own. So stitching away and watching two movies put me to bed at about 12:30pm! It was worth it though. Especially when my husband let me sleep in in the morning while he tended to our baby girl.

Happy Stitching x


  1. Great progress. Everyone wants different hair! Mine is thick and curly and I go through a lot of work trying to make it straight lol.