Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A bride and a valentine xo

Since my last post and the dreaded visit with the frogs, I sat down the next day when I had a clearer head and worked out where I had went wrong. After much counting I found the mistake and had a bit of unpicking to do, not too much at least as the mistake was made very recently.
So, I've been stitching most nights and have made some progress on my pretty bride. Her dress is coming together but is going to take me awhile just like having a bridal dress made really.
Here she is at the moment.

Her dress looks to me like a traditional bridal dress, reminds me a bit of one of those dolls on a little girls birthday cake. The one with the marshmallows making up the dress and the doll sits in the middle.
As well as doing my hobbies and writing my blog, I always love reading fellow people's blogs too and seeing what everyone is up to and getting inspired by all the creativity. I follow mainly cross stitch blogs but also blogs about scrapbooking, bear making and various other creative crafts (doll making, illustrating etc..) My mind goes into overdrive sometimes and I would love to sit down and be a woman of many crafts as I really do get inspired by everyone. Like most would agree, we need extra days in the week and extra hours in a day.
I wanted to mention a wonderful give away which is happening over at www.bearbits.blogspot.com.au a beautiful handmade valentines day bear is about to be jetted off to a new owner if anyone is interested in going into the draw, I know I will be. I can't resist a teddy bear.
And that reminds me, valentine's day is in two days time. I love valentine's day, I have always looked forward to it. Love is in the air that day, I find it very special and look forward to a date with my husband.

Happy Stitching xx


  1. Glad the frog has finally left you alone and you're able to move forward on your pretty bride stitching, Belinda! I'm just like you--I so appreciate every type of crafting even though all I can do is cross stitch! Lots of talented bloggers out there :)

    Wishing you and your husband a most Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The dreaded frog!!!
    No fun when he visits.
    Glad you've got it sorted out now though.

  3. She's adorable-can't wait to see her finished!