Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ribbit ribbit

Oh no!

I was stitching away happily tonight watching a movie and having a nice cup of tea and some biscuits, a night just to myself. And just when I thought I was making progress, something didn't connect in my stitching. It turns out the frogs had just rang my door bell and I have made a big stuff up somewhere along the way in my stitching. GRRRR so annoyed! It totally messed up my stitching mojo. I can't concentrate enough to find out where I will be needing to frog, that will have to be tomorrow when I have a less tired head. :-)

Happy Stitching (to everyone else hopefully) xx


  1. It is so annoying when that happens... xx

  2. Hugs. So annoying when that happens.

  3. I've had one of those moments. All the time.

  4. :( Need to find some frog repellant from somewhere!