Monday, 28 October 2013

Secrets and Fairies

Hello to all my blogging friends,
thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post about my gorjuss girl, they make me happy! I hope you all had a nice weekend and found some stitchy time for yourself.
For some odd reason I got this idea into my head that instead of starting a new pattern after I finished gorjuss, I could wait a few months until my baby arrives and then start a baby sampler for him/her. Crazy right? I don't know where my head was at, because after a few nights of having nothing to stitch, I started missing it and my hands were itching to start a new pattern (hence my blogs name). So, off I went out into our garage one night and looked through my tub of stitchy stash and pulled out a small kit, that won't take me very long. I bought it years ago at a stitchy show and put it aside because at the time I was working on something else.
It's a Anchor kit, Humphrey's corner. I just LOVE Humphrey's corner, it has to be my favourite cross stitch character by far, the characters are just too damn adorable! I've always had a soft spot for Humphrey's corner, and I picked a Humphrey's corner sampler to stitch for Tabitha when I was pregnant with her. I love looking at it every day on her bedroom wall, it's just so precious. It's funny how memories of a certain time come flooding back in to my mind when I look at a cross stitch piece I've done. I can look at a cross stitch and have memories of where I was when I started the piece, how old I was, how I was feeling at the time, what was going on in my life etc etc..cross stitch creates memories, and that's what I love about looking back on my pieces, and I guess what I was referring to in my last post.
I love this new piece I've started because the two elephant girls are just too cute whispering in each other's ears. They are dressed so sweetly too. I've always loved the Humphrey's corner cross stitch charts in the way the backstitch is charted too. I find it messy and never straightforward, and I think it suits it's whimsical style to a tea.
So here is my new start, obviously not much to see as yet. 

It is so nice having something to stitch again! How could I have possibly thought I could get by another few months without stitching anything??
I've also decided to challenge myself after I finish this one and make it into a little ornament instead of framing it. I've made a few cushions here and there but never an ornament, and I am always inspired by the beautiful ornaments my friends on my cross stitch blogs I follow do, so I've wanted to give it a go myself. So wish me luck, when it is finished!

I've also come across a beautiful designer called Svitlana Glushchenko recently. Her illustrations are just so magical and beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on her little girl fairy characters. Her illustrations have been turned into cross stitch and I've fallen in love with them! She is so talented. I have found a website where you can buy her kits in the UK. I will be sure to put these three girls on my Christmas wish list. What do you think? aren't they gorgeous?

 Purple mood -Lansvit
 Sunny mood- LanSvit
Sky-Blue mood- LanSvit

Only a stitcher would know, you can never have too much stash right?

I know in my last post I mentioned I would be having a giveaway, and don't worry I've not forgotten! I am just in the process of putting it together still. I will be back in a few days posting about it.

Before I leave, tell me, do you ever look at one of your cross stitch pieces and have memories flooding back in at where you were in that time in your life when you were stitching it and what you were doing? who was in your life at that time? I would love to know....

Until my next post,

Happy Stitching xo



  1. For sure. I was pregnant when I stitched Faery Tales from HAED and can remember where I was up to when I had my baby. While I was stitching it my oldest started Kinder and the school(it took me a looong time to finish it lol).
    Humphreys Corner is adorable. Love your new start:)

  2. Great new start on the Humphrey's Corner design!! I love little Humphrey, he is so sweet ;)
    Valérie from Fée le Point has stitched one of these fairies for Nia... The finish stitched item was absolutely gorgeous!!! One of my favourite to be honest :) I'm not surprised they've reached your stash wish list x

  3. I had never heard of Humphrey's Corner before, Belinda. Not sure if it is just my age or it isn't commonly found in the U.S. That design is so cute--glad you found the perfect thing to fill in the time between now and when you start your baby's sampler :)

    And yes... my stitching is a huge reminder of past experiences and events! It's funny how that triggers those memories as much as it does!

  4. I love those cute fairies!! :D I had seen images but didn't know about the designer, thanks for sharing the name!!! :D

  5. Yes you are can never have "too much stash". Glad you found another project to start. I've not seen Humphrey's Corner before, just goes to show there is always something new to learn about!

  6. Aww cute new start ...
    And I love those fairies too :)
    Big hugs x

  7. YES! I absolutely do look at pieces and find strong memories there. Your new start is great-love that design! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those fairies! I wonder if we can get them here in the US? I'll have to see....

  8. Hello ! I jsut found Your lovely blog via caros "stitching Dreams".You have ´stitched many pretty pieces ,The Gorjus was just awesome!! Greetings from Finland,Maija

  9. What a lovely new start. Can quite understand why you needed to start Humphrey :)
    I love those fairies - when I first saw the one Valérie stitched for Nia it was love at first sight... Thank you for the web link I am now going to have to buy them :)
    Looking forward to seeing more Humphrey!
    Hugs x