Friday, 22 November 2013

Giveaway time!

Hello to all my blogging friends and a friendly welcome to all my new followers,

After just enjoying a hot coffee and reading a magazine in the sunshine, I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine like I am here today, as there has not been a whole lot of it lately. November in Melbourne Australia this year has been a very weird, wet and cold month. Normally it's warming up and the sun shines most days, but even though we've experienced nicer days this week, last week was cold, wet and rainy. Summer starts next month so hopefully December is brighter! 

Here I was saying in my last post that I'd be back in a few days time to announce my giveaway for gaining 100 followers. It turns out, it's almost one month later and I now have 104 followers! My apologies, my intentions are always there, but sometimes things happen in life and blogging can be put on the back burner for awhile. I didn't realise how long it had been though. But not to worry, I have become organised lately with getting Christmas presents and a few birthday presents out of the way (I'm not normally this organised but with a new bub on the way I have to be) and getting this giveaway together also was a priority.
First I want to show you my progress on my Humphrey's corner pattern which I am really enjoying stitching. It is coming together quickly and I am loving the gorgeous colours through it. Soon I will start on the half stitches and back stitch. 

Now onto the giveaway...
Firstly I want to thank my readers for sticking by my blog and commenting on my posts, they mean alot. After gaining 100 followers I always wanted to thank you by putting together a little giveaway. Since I live on the other side of the world to most of my blogging friends (Australia is so far away :-)) I can't afford to put a big giveaway together because postage costs to overseas are very high here. But I think a small giveaway is still nice and it's about quality not quantity right?
This is what I am offering in my giveaway. A never been opened Humphrey's corner cross stitch kit called 'for you'. Finished size 12x12cm, contains 16 count cream aida, Anchor stranded cotton threads, chart, full instructions and a needle. I know, I know Humphrey's corner is my favourite character but I have so many already and I am happy to share the love with someone else who might like to stitch him. A pack of various pink ribbon to use for whatever you like, maybe finishing ornaments? two packs of never been used Madeira silk threads in pink and gold and a caramel chocolate filled caramello koala bear. I thought that might excite some of my overseas friends since it is a koala bear chocolate, and due to the fact that they are delicious!! One can never resist chocolate...well I know I can't.  

Here are the rules:

1. Giveaway is open to all of my readers, local, interstate and overseas.
2. To enter into my giveaway you must be an existing follower of mine or new followers are welcome too.
3. If you would like your name put into the draw once, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and answer a few simple questions. How were you first introduced to cross stitching? what is it about cross stitching that you love so much? and where is the weirdest place you have ever taken your cross stitch and stitched before?
If you would like your name entered into the draw twice, you need to comment as above and announce on your blog that I am having a giveaway and link my blog name on your blog. 
Remember to let me know in your comment which option you have chosen so I know how many times to enter your name. That is all pretty simple! 
Giveaway is open from now until midnight, Monday the 9th of December 2013, Australian Eastern daylight savings time. Winner will be announced on Tuesday the 10th of December 2013.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!

Until next time, 

happy stitching xx


  1. Aww such sweet stitches ..
    And I love your giveaway..please count me in :)
    I am a happy follower.
    I first saw a cross stitch in a old store and it was a very old kit and I thought let's stitch it and after that I was hooked.
    When I am stitching ..I always lost in my little world and that what I love about cross stitching..I forgot about everything :)
    The weirdest place is..I took my cross stitch is on the top of a tree branch..Lol..I sat on the tree and stitch.
    Big hugs x

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  2. Please don't enter me in your giveaway but yes; something is better than nothing and I have to say I dont think this is little. It is a perfect giveaway! Lovely and I am sure it will be very much appreciated by whoever wins.
    Congratulations on your 104 followers! And yes, time does run away....who knew xmas was sooo close rofl xxx

  3. Your giveaway is wonderful, congrats on 104 followers, well done.
    I would love to be included in your giveaway and will post on my blog.
    I got a cross stitch kit years and years ago for Christmas and loved it ever since, I think I am a little more addicted now though ;-)
    The strangest place I have taken my stitching is into hospital, not so weird I know but I might have made a few converts as I didnt get much stitching done but had lots of people sat on my bed talking about it and how they did it at school so you never know I might have a few more adicts in the world.

  4. What a fabulous giveaway!!! And I know what I would do with this cute little elephant if I win :)
    So pretty please count me in!
    I am French living in the UK & I first discovered cross stitch in UK when I saw a friend stitch during a lunch break at work... I fell head over heels with these little crosses straight away. I've learnt the basics & haven't stopped since :) The weirdest place I have been cross stitching has to be on the ferry across the Chanel!!! Not ideal, especially when you're seasick... Since then I go to France by the Eurotunnel & it's so quick that I don't have time to set up cross stitching :D Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Congratulations on the 100 followers, it's a fantastic milestone!

    I cant even remember the hows and whys to my starting cross stitch as I've been stitching for as long as I can remember, at least since secondary school! As for the weirdest place I'm like lanybleu and have to say the hospital, not weird as such but definitely the strangest place. Also like lanybleu I constantly had people (patients, nurses, doctors and visitors!) asking questions about it so not much gets done!

    Thea (aka Gizzimomo) xxxx

  6. Your Humphrey stitch is precious. I love the colors! I love your giveaway, too, but I know how much it costs to ship international, so I'm not going to enter. I may have to look for a Humphrey kit online, though!! TOO cute!! :)


  7. I was introduced to cross stitch by my mother. I dont remember what prompted it though but I ended up making one of those cute owls that were in the back of pattern books to learn. I made mine into a bookmark. I love the detail of the designs the floss and fabric and the soothingness of the needle sewing rythme. The weirdest place I've stitched would be well I dont know I stitch everywher I go.

  8. Lovely giveaway!

    How were you first introduced to cross stitching?
    My Nan showed me when I was little :)

    what is it about cross stitching that you love so much?
    Its my time for me, to relax and chill out. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something (im disabled)

    and where is the weirdest place you have ever taken your cross stitch and stitched before?
    Probably Epping forest or Barleylands while camping. Other then that the car I think.

  9. How were you first introduced to cross stitching?
    I was first introduced to cross-stitch when I was 12 years old by a friend in school.

    What is it about cross stitching that you love so much?
    I love sewing each stitch with all my love, its so wonderful to know that the final stitched piece will be given to someone that is close to my heart.

    Where is the weirdest place you have ever taken your cross stitch and stitched before?
    I have cross-stitched in a bus while travelling to work and in the car when travelling with my family


  10. It seems so funny to me to think that your December and Christmas are in the summer, Belinda! Of course, I'm sure it seems funny to you that mine is in the cold of winter :)

    I'm not entering your giveaway--postage costs to the US are ridiculously high, I'm sure, but I would love to answer your questions. I first came across cross stitch back in the early 80s (probably before you were even born :) One of my co-workers at the library was doing it and I was hooked! I love it because it immediately de-stresses me as soon as I sit down to stitch. And not a weird place (it was actually quite beautiful!), but I guess the Barcelona airport in Spain would have to be the most unusual space I've stitched!

    Congratulations on your reaching 100+ followers--I really enjoy reading your blog!

  11. I was first introduced to cross stitching by my mother. I used to watch her stitch ornaments around Christmas time. I love cross stitching because it's repetitive. I find that soothing, and it brings back fond memories, too. As for cross stitching in a weird place, I can't say I've really done that. The weirdest place I've stitched was at my desk at work. :)

    Congratulations on reaching 104 followers! I just figured out how to follow you via my Google account, so your count should be even higher now!