Friday, 15 October 2010

Weekend away

For some reason I always seem to post on my blog on a Friday. I guess because I never work Friday nights which is nice. :-)
My husband Adrian, Matilda and I are going away for the weekend tomorrow to a lovely beach side town called 'Wye river'. We have rented a log cabin and we plan to just relax, go for walks and spend time together. I really need this break as does he so we are very excited about it. We thought it would be a good chance to get away before bub arrives. I think Matilda is really going to enjoy herself too. :-) As long as there are no toad fish on the beach!!
I am planning on taking my cross stitch with me and since the weather is supposed to be terribly cold and wet as it is today it will be nice to light the log fire and stitch by it. A glass of wine would go perfectly with this scenario but I am pregnant so that won't be happening. :-) Some chocolate can counteract this though. :-)

It has been a busy week and I've worked the last three nights so I've not had much time for stitching unfortunately, but I will show my progress off anyway. The little elephants are so adorable, I've started on the last elephant now but i've only stitched white thread so it won't really show up.

Sometimes I wish we celebrated halloween here in Australia because I am loving all the halloween stitching people are posting about on their blogs at the moment. They are all so quirky and cute. Some of the shops stock halloween costumes and ornaments etc.. here for I guess people that do celebrate but it's not big like it is overseas. Thanks for sharing all your halloween stitching though, and of course the people who haven't stitched halloween patterns I just love reading your blogs too. I hope you also enjoy my posts. :-)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and happy stitching xx


  1. Enjoy your weekend away :)

    Your elephants are looking so cute :)

    Halloween isn't that big over here either but I was detemined to have a few ornaments for my small black tree this year!

  2. Dropping by to say hello - enjoy your weekend x

  3. Oh there is nothing quite like a weekend away in a log cabin by the water,,,enjoy.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Your Humphrey Corner is coming along great! Enjoy your weekend, Belinda. I hope no toad fish on the beach too. But Matilda still dare to eat fish after the incident on last months? I wondered how Matilda looks like, it must be a very cute dog. Do you mind posting her photo? :)

  5. Have a lovely weekend away. Humphrey is look great. We don't really do Halloween that much here either.

  6. Your Humphrey is coming along beautifully!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend in the log cabin. I had no idea what a "toad fish" was so I "googled" it and almost jumped out of my chair when that horrid creature's face appeared on my computer screen! I, too, hope you don't see any out there on the beach...

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  8. Have a wonderful weekend away Belinda.
    Love Humphrey - he is coming along beautifully.

  9. Have a wonderful, relaxing, recharging weekend! The log cabin sounds like the perfect spot.

  10. Humphrey looks great!
    While Halloween is pretty big here, we don't really do anything for it. But some of the patterns are so cute that I just stitch them anyway!

  11. Hope you and hubby have a great week-end Belinda. Humphrey is just looking too cute!
    They don;t really decorate much here either but I just couldn't resist stitching some of those cute halloween designs this year. Hugs!