Friday, 16 July 2010

Beads,beads and more beads..

I managed to finish all the beading on my feather fairy and I am really happy with how they have come out. I think her hair piece is really pretty, it's something that I would wear, haha. I also love the beading on her bodice and the back of her wings.
I am quite frustrated because I am so close to finishing her but I still can't get the metallic thread I need which mind you I ordered 3 weeks ago. My LNS hasn't contacted me and I've called her a few times to see if it has come in yet but it never has. So the wait on the thread is what's stopping me from finishing her. I would have finished her ages ago otherwise.
I've tried finding the thread elsewhere but of course it's never in the shops so I called Sydney's morris and sons shop during the week as the Melbourne shop said Sydney have the colour I want and they are sending the spool to their Melbourne shop for me. It will be coming in next week which will be ok, I just wish it was here for this weekend as I am going to a stitchy meeting this Sunday.
I am excited about Sunday, as 4 of us girls are going to our friend Melody's house for our monthly stitchy meeting which we try and hold once a month although this year it's been more like every 6 months as there were 3 weddings (including mine) between us girls and 3 honeymoons so it's been hard to get together. Two of the girls can't come unfortunately as Bek is on her honeymoon and Natalie is working,but we really need to get together or else it won't happen. So it's just me, Gayle, Cassie and Melody on Sunday. We all take a snack, and I am still trying to work out what I can bake and we sit and chat, stitch and eat yummy food. :-) What a way to spend an afternoon....

Happy Stitching x


  1. I would venture a guess that the once a month meeting with the stitching girls will change to twice simply because of scheduling. Once apon a time our group used to meet once a month, 25 years ago, then it went to twice a month about 18 years ago, and for the past 5 years it has been once a week for most of us. There are 17 total who get together twice a month, and out of them 8-10 of us meet every week. Just don't get enough stitching time with friends. Enjoy your time together.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. I'm looking forward to it too hun - it's been too long! OMG Jayne - you're giving me ideas, mentioning more regular meetings :P It would be lovely to get together more often, but our schedules just don't allow it at the moment :( I live for the stitchy meets too - it's so good to get some quality stitching time with some wonderful friends. :D

  3. Your feather fairy is just beautiful.
    Enjoy your stitchy meet-up.

  4. your fairy is really beautiful can't wait to see the finished project