Saturday, 24 July 2010

Is that a cat sitting in my cup of coffee?

Last night I managed to stitch quite a bit on my coffee and cuddles cat while I watched a movie on TV called 'catch and release'. My first cat is now finished which didn't take long to stitch up at all, I think he is very cute. This cat reminds me of my cat Sophie who passed away last year, she was ginger and white and had alot of character. The movie was ok, nothing to rave about but it was a girly romantic comedy and I like those kind of movies of course. It was just nice to sit back and stitch really.
Isn't he cute? I love the little bee he is looking at too.

And I FINALLY got a call on Friday from Morris and Sons letting me know my thread has finally arrived in the Melbourne store, wohoo! I really wanted to pick it up but didn't have much time on Friday so when I finished work today I managed to drive into the city before the shop closed which is a quick ten minute drive from Richmond where I work and I found a carpark really quickly, everything was in my favour. :-) I ran into Morris and Sons and picked up my thread, and double checked it was the right colour since I've taken the wrong colour home before and now I can stitch some more on my fairy tonight. This is the thread I waited four weeks for, what we will do for our love of cross stitch....

Tomorrow is the craft and quilt fair which I am really looking forward to! It's an early start for a Sunday (my choice) but as I am sure many of you will agree, having and taking the time to look at cross stitch is essential. :-)

Happy Stitching x

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