Saturday, 10 July 2010

Has it really been that long since I have written in my journal? 3 months! I've been reading everyone else's journals but havn't posted on my own.
I have a few things to update and tell you about, I also was a little sick of the look of my blog so I decided to play around with it a bit and add some prettiness to it.

My husband and I got back from our honeymoon on the 20th of May, and we had a wonderful time. We couldn't believe our bad luck getting delayed with that volcano that erupted in Iceland, but we got there in the end, we were delayed for 11 days. I have to acknowledge that at least we weren't stuck in an airport somewhere with nowhere to go, there were people much worse off then us. It still put a dampner on the start of our honeymoon though. Anyway, at least I had 11 days of lots of stitching.
Europe is so beautiful, I really loved every city we went to which included Paris,Venice,Austria,Prague and Poland. We saw alot in 3 weeks, and I even managed to find a little cross stitch shop in Paris. I had to bring a souvenier home of course. Europe has so much more history than Australia does, so it was nice to see the other side of the world. The plane trip wasn't all that fun, but what can you do when you can't afford first class tickets? :-)
After we got back from overseas we settled into work and homelife quite quickly and the jet lag wasn't too bad.

I've been stitching feather fairy ever since I got home as I want to finish her really soon. I am really happy with how she has turned out, I think she is very pretty. I ran out of metallic thread which I am waiting on my LNS to get in. It is so annoying when they don't have the colour you need, I could have finished her ages ago. I have started beading her now, and I am really enjoying it. The beads really add some sparkle to her outfit. I have some photos to share.

You can't see that well but if you look closely you can see where I have started on the beading on her skirt. I will post more pics when I've stitched some more on her. I hope that metallic thread comes in soon.

Now that it's freezing and right in the middle of Winter here I've been cooking comfort food and baking alot. I baked my first apple pie which I was very proud of since it was my first time at making my own pastry. I loved how it came out and it was really tasty! Mmm apple pie.

Happy Stitching everyone xx


  1. Welcome back,I am so glad you had a wonderful honeymoon trip. Feather Fairy looks stunning and your apple pie looks yummy!
    I do hope this comment post works as I have tried to post on your blog many times before but the comment box wouldn't work and I tired to find a way to let you know but the email box at the top of your old blog page wouldn;t work either.The about me part is also missing from this page. Fingers crossed it all works this time.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon. I would love to see Europe one of these days. Your Feather Fairy is beautiful and the apple pie looks wonderful. I give you a lot of credit for making your own crusts - I always end up buying the prepared ones at the store.

  3. Sorry to hear about the delays but sounds like you had a great honeymoon once you got away.
    Feather Fairy is gorgeous. Great job.

  4. Hey hun! Your apple pie looks scrumptious - where was my piece? :P

    Congrats on Feather Fairy - she looks simply stunning, and I have loved seeing her evolve during your time working on her. I am looking forward to seeing her all finished and up on your wall somewhere :D